Product center
  • CNC Cutting Machines
  • CNC Cutting Machines CNC cutting machine is to cut sheet metal into specific shapes when the machine tool is driven to move by digital program. It can perform the function of plasma, flame and stripe flame cutting at the same time. Besides, this kind of structural steel cutting machine has been greatly improved ...
  • H-Beam Steel Production Line
  • H-Beam Steel Production Line We are engaged in developing and manufacturing H beam steel production line. Through years of research and improvement, our H beam welding line is well received both at home and abroad because of the compact structure, excellent function, trustable quality and high automation ...
  • H Beam Welding Machine
  • H Beam Welding Machine H beam assembly welding straightening machine is efficient equipment which allows H beam assemblage, submerged arc welding and flange plate deformation straightening to be conducted simultaneously. Beyond that, such H beam welding machine takes up less space and reduces...
  • Box Beam Production Line
  • Box Beam Production Line Box-beam production line can complete the operations of loading material, cutting, assembling, backing welding, electroslag welding and edge milling. This box beam welding line has advantages of low investment, small occupation area, high automation and high efficiency...
  • Welding Rotator
  • Welding Rotator The welding rotator made by us is used for welding, sanding, rubber lining and assemblage of cylinders. It can fall into self-alignment type, adjustable type, fit-up type and anti-drift type. Metallic roller, rubber roller and polyurethane roller are available for this welding turning roll. Our welding turning rollers ...
  • Welding Positioners
  • Welding Positioners Welding positioners are usually used to drag work-piece to the optimum position for welding. It has become necessary welding equipment for manufacturing industry. It includes the tilting type, lifting type, head and tail stock type, welding turntable type and double bed type. In addition, we can provide ...
  • Automatic Welding Manipulators
  • Automatic Welding Manipulators Automatic welding manipulator is used to send welding head or welding gun to the welding position and keep it there as well. Or, it changes flux position at rated welding speed along the regulated track. This welding mobile manipulator consists of mobile trolley, floor stand, cross arm, guide holder...
  • Milling Equipment
  • Milling Equipment The milling equipment is typically used for chamfering and beveling end face of pipelines or plates before welding. This milling machinery solves weaknesses of flame cutting and polishing in incorrect angle, rough sbevel and large working noise. It enjoys simple operation, accurate angle ...
Company Introduction

ABK Machinery is affiliated to Wuxi ABK Machinery Co.Ltd., which specializes in making H beam steel production line. Our products mainly include welding machine, box beam production line, welding manipulator, welding rotator, CNC cutting machine, H beam assembly machine as well as plate edge milling machine. Our products are broadly used in pressure container, petrochemical, power plant, heavy machinery, shipbuilding and steel structure manufacturing industry.

Our H beam steel production line, CNC cutting machine machine and welding rotator are developed and manufactured basing on learning foreign advanced technologies. And they have obtained certificates of CE and Product Patent.

We supply high quality H beam steel production line and CNC cutting machine with favorable price. Our company provides responsible and comprehensive customer services and OEM service as well. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ satisfaction.

If you have interest in our H beam steel production line and welding machine, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are looking forward to your inquiry and visiting.

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